my check engine light is on but it runs great on 2004 Ford Taurus

car runs perfect but my service engine light is on.

by in Springfield, IL on December 29, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on December 29, 2010
Your light is on for a reason. DO NOT IGNORE IT! It could lead to major costs. Go to Advance auto parts and ask them to code it out, it's free. Then post the code number.
ANSWER by on December 29, 2010
Your check engine light is likely caused by an evaporative emissions system issue if you are not experiencing any driving problems. Check your fuel cap to make sure it is secure fully first. This will set the light on if it is loose. Yes, you can try a parts store to give you a free code scan, but nothing can replace a quality relationship with a technician that can actually help you. Here are some shops near you that you could try:
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