my check engine light is on and mechanic said there is a vacuum leak somewhere. on 1997 Chevrolet Venture

Where could it be? He just changed the fuel pump. Does this have anything to do with?

by in Liberty, TX on December 21, 2013
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ANSWER by , December 21, 2013
Was this a problem before the pump install? Is it an EVAP code for the leak? I ask these questions to be sure I give you the right answer, and to see if I get a response.
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
The engine lite had not been on when it stopped on the highway. The oil icon came on at the time it stopped. But when I tried to start it the check engine lite did come on. The only problem I was having was that the gas gauge was not working. I don't know about the code, he just told me there was a vacuum leak somewhere.
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
With that information; The only suggestion I have first is did he scan for codes before the pump replacement. If the code came on after the pump job, I would say the fuel tank pressure sensor was not reconnected, an EVAP line was left disconnected or not seated/sealed properly, or the replacement pump did not come with the sensor and the module was replaced without it. Wished I knew what the code is. REtraction - This model year does not have the fuel tank sensor, It's part of the vacuum canister sensor.
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
He claims that the battery was dead so no codes were showing when it was charged. He now tells me that it is the fuel injector #5. So another expensive repair.
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
From a vacuum leak to an injector. Sounds like a guessing game. Where did the fuel pump come from originally. Did it quit running, battery dead. Huh Where is Liberty
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
When my van stopped running it showed check engine lite then I ran the battery down trying to start it. He told me when the battery went dead it erased that code. The check engine lite came on after fuel pump was installed and they were driving it to bring it to me. The fuel pump was a Chev part. Liberty, Tx is about 40 miles east of Houston. Thanks for your help
COMMENT by , December 21, 2013
OK That's just odd the injector was no problem, with no miss when it died. Oil light, sure with ignition on engine not running. Just wondered, thought it was around Houston, I'm closer to Ft Worth. Good luck and Merry Christmas.