2001 Honda Civic Q&A

2001 Honda Civic Question: My Check Engine light comes on and my car's power is down.

According to my Owner's Manual when the Check Engine light comes on it means a problem with my Engine Exhaust Control System. If bad gas got into the fuel system and was burned out, would that affect the EEC System? What part of the EEC System would it affect so it could be repaired? -
Answer 1
You need to have a shop hook up a scan tool to determine why the check engine light is on and can troubleshoot what happened and you can find one here www.repairpal.com/directory -
Answer 2
you need a tool to read out the code, I know this tool is professional for honda, and you can reset the code turn the light off. or you can take it to the toyota dealer to test the code, and then they will tell you how to fix. http://www.chinasinoy.com/wholesale/honda-hds-cable-obd2-diagnostic-cable-494.html -
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