My check Engine light comes on on 2005 Subaru Legacy

Every once in awhile my check engine light will come on and sometimes, after a few days of driving, it goes out. What could cause this?

by in Marshfield, MA on November 03, 2011
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ANSWER by on November 04, 2011
A proper diagnosis by a reputable service shop will prove benficial. There can be upwords of 500+ trouble codes in any given car computer. Without a diagnosis, there is no way to tell what is going on with your car.
COMMENT by on November 05, 2011
This issue has happened before and I did have the Subaru dealer check it,they said it was nothing, malfunction of the emission control and they reset the light. It happens off and on and it will either go out on its own after a week or two or I disconnect the ground cable of the battery to reset it. This is a bother because then I need to reprogram my radio. I was hoping that with all the subaru owners out there there would be a more concrete answer.
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