my cataylitic converter light came on and then all other service lights flashed on 2010 Mini Cooper

The car stalled numerous times on start up but then ran okay after that. Tire gauge lights came on and off oil light came on and off. Dealer said it was out of oil even though my mechanic here checked it. Is this a faulty wiring harness and the dealer is just trying to charge me $300.00 for something that I shouldn't be charged for?

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I would have it scan tested for codes and go from there
I did. It came back that one of the sensors was bad so it was replaced. Started doing it again.
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if the oil light came on that means you had low oil pressure at that time, no matter what anyone told you.
Thank you. Does that mean possibly the oil pump itself? My mechanic checked the oil and said it was fine.
i would have your mechanic check the oil pressure...low oil pressure = bad oil pump or low oil level....normal oil pressure = bad wiring or sensor...sorry but i was not able to get the oil pressure specs for your is too new!
Thank you so much for all your help!! It is very much appreciated. I'll have my mechanic look into it.