My car's speedmator does not work..Help! on 1996 Nissan Maxima

I have tried everything... replacing the speed sensor attached to the trans... replacing the actual speedmator piece attached to the dash... I think it might be a wire issue.. but I don't know where to start fixing the issue. I dont have alot of money and fix most things with my bf and my dad. has this issue happened to anyone else? and what did you do?

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No man this happens on all the 4th gen maximas go to the junk yard get a new cluster with similar miles so 100000 doesnt become 230000 miles. Its also illegal to misrepresent the miles on the car. 5 screws ur Done. Ppl let stop making this so complicated
Wiring diagram and a volt-ohmmeter to start. AND an understanding of the COMPLETE circuit and how it works.
I actually had an issue with my other vehicle (00 pathfinder) I had to replace the entire console unit on the truck. About 5 years later the tachometer went out on my 96 maxima. But in this situation the cable to the tachometer snapped ( and I actually heard it). no plans to fix it yet thou.
Need to confirm that screws were tightened on back of instrument cluster & confirm that there are no breaks in the schematics on the instrument cluster.