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2000 Ford Taurus Question: My cars not shifting gears

My speedometer and rpm is working just fine. But my car stays in first gear. I can get all the way to 80mph but my cars is aking a funny noise as if it wants to shift but it can't does anyone knows what this is -
Answer 1
There is a shift control solenoid available from AC Delco # 19113523 and other manufacturers for your vehicle, But you should have a transmission expert check it before you damage you engine from over revving. -
Answer 2
Are you sure you're not stuck in 3rd gear? It seems unlikely that first gears tops out at 80mph. Does it feel really sluggish when starting from a stop? Many cars have a "limp-in" mode that holds the transmission in 3rd or 4th gear but that is also usually accompanied with a check engine light -
Comment 1
I am having this problem! My car is really sluggish when starting from stop and I can go 70 on freeway, but it's not changing gears. My check engine light came on too. This is all after having a bad transmission fluid change. What do I do? They're saying I just need a new sensor. -
Comment 2
yes check engine is on -
Answer 3
Check the neutral safety switch...I had similar problems and replaced mine and it was fine!! -
Answer 4
My 1999 SE was having a similar issue with being stuck in first gear. It wouldn't drive over 35mph but i check engine codes and replace the variable speed sensor around $45. It fixed all issues. it is on top of the transmission coming out at a 45 degree angle toward the driver side. If your car is stuck in 3rd this may not be the case, i suggest you check your codes and start with whatever the codes suggest. -
Answer 5
noke sensor my dear my self, i;ve washed all the sensors with wd40 and it worked fine for couple months and later all of them faild unfortunatly. ahahaaa -
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