My cars having a starter issue,i have to press on rhe gas and turn on the key on 1997 Saturn SL1

It takes about 5 mins before it actually starts . It sounds like the fuel pump but when i put my ear to the gas tank i hear the pump turn on .. when i got the car it was rigged up (electricly) couple months it didnt want to start, i took it to an electrical mechanic and he made it start but the way i explained before, oh n afterci start it ,its easier to start it until the following day or as long as it stays active. If anyone has any answers or suggeztions for me i would really apprecciate it

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Have it scanned to check tps. Mechanic will know! Hold gas pedal half way down while cranking!!!! Then have it scanned!
Ok that sounds like i would try that but what is the tps ?
Throttle Possition Sensor, as stated mechanic will know!
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Bad fuel pump, replace it and the fuel filter. Pump is by-passing.
Is there any way i can check myself to make sure? When i turn it on i hear it come on but the humming stops a couple seconds later.
Is it suppose to stay humming ?
It will run for around 3 seconds if you just turn the key to run and not start your engine. That is to prime the fuel system before starting the engine. If yours takes longer after sitting overnight, try to cycle the key from off to run several times before starting the engine, it will start sooner without cranking the engine forever before it starts. You are probably acting like it's a carbureted engine, trying to pump the gas as the older cars with carburetors had to be done. If the fuel pressure is there, then it will start.
I suggest you to go for checking the furnace parts and thermostats. There can be a problem regarding compressor because it creates the issue for engine start up, I got reference of professional technicians from my friend that can help you. Visit
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