My car wont turn over, will it be fixable by replacing head gasket?
on 2006 Volvo S40

Last week my car was overheating and low on water. I couldn't figure out why. Im not car savvy and had just had a tune up and was not do for oil for some time. Today my car puttered to a stop and wont turn over. I was told by a car savvy friend.. head gasket for sure. Does this sound like it could be fixable by simply replacing the head gasket.. or should I be anticipating having royally screwed up my vehicle?

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seek diag and est b4 wasting time and money
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if you overheated real bad you could have seized the engine take the accessory belt off and try to turn the crank by hand if it turns over then check your starter
Thank you soooo much for the feedback I truly appreciate it :) Does this method by any chance apply to a 2006 Volvo s40? I know foreign cars tend to be more difficult to deal with when it comes to repairs :/