my car wont turn over all lights come on on 1998 Volkswagen GTI

i turn the key and the lights and everything come on and then it doesnt turn over like i am not pushing down the clutch all the way when i first got it it would do it the odd time but hardly ever what could be my problem?

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check for power going to the starter while someone tries to turn it over
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Check your fuses under you dash. There is a fuse for the electronic ignition. it could be the fuse had gone out it would be spot 15 from the left i Think
Don't know if you've fixed your problem yet or not. But mine was doing good the same thing. I changed my master cylinder for my clutch and it fired right up again. Didn't feel like it was going out, and clutch felt the exact same after I replaced it, but it fixed my starting problem. Good luck!