My car won`t start.One click then nothing.Battery is 1 yr old and strong. What? on 2007 Honda Civic

The battery is strong . I have had trouble starting it the last few days but after a few trys ( clicking sounds) it starts. Tonite I drove it to car wash . When I was through washing it ....wouldn`t start..just one click then nothing . All interior lights, headlamps, horn , power windows working . What could this be?

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sounds like a bad connection or starter
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sounds like a bad connection or starter
sounds like the starter motor has failed. have it checked to confirm

your starter is bad i would also replae relay too they r known for going bad.
Test for signal at solenoid. 8 Yrs at dealer..never seen a bad starter relay (yes I saw it's an '07) 24 plus bays- we see plenty of '07s.