1996 Dodge Avenger Q&A

1996 Dodge Avenger Question: my car won't start, when i turn the key it turns over but won't start why?

when i turn the key it sounds like there is no gas going to fuel pump to start it, could it be a sensor or do i need a new fuel pump? if i need a fuel pump how much are they and how much to install? my car has been broken down since October 2012. i went to start it 3 days later and it wouldn't start. -
Answer 1
manual test for fuel pump is turn key and stop before it cranks. should be able to hear pump priming the line. short whirring sound. should last just a second and then stop. if no sound than probable pump failure. to replace pump your lookin at $200.00 for parts $200.00 labour. these are just aprox. every shop different. -