My car won't start its rolling over but not starting for weeks it would shut off on 2003 Ford Taurus

It would shut off driving down the road we checked the battery it was fine then the other night my radio wouldn't turn on then it came back on then my inside lights would go on and off my fuel pump isn't kicking on my locks and windows were going up and down on their own what could this be
M y car was showing baterry brake oil and check engine lights and theft light has been flashing for a while and when it broke down at first it started jerking then when I went to turn it went completely down

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With all them 'wired' and spooky problems, sounds to me like the 'ghost' of Potwin came a calling!
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poss fuel delivery issue
have your charging system checked and go from there!!!
alt. should be chargjng 13.8v and14.2v