My car won't start, ETC light stays on when the key is in the ignition.. on 2007 Dodge Caliber

My car has been outside for 2 days in below zero temps- and blizzard conditions. I got home, shut off the car (which started with no problem) cleared the driveway, and went to move it into the garage- and it wouldn't start. It clicks, all warning lights come on briefly, and the electronic throttle light is the only one that stays on. The brake pedal is difficult to push. Is there a simple fix?

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From your description, it sounds like either the battery is failing or the starter solenoid is failing. Extreme cold has a way of destroying batteries. If possible, take your vehicle to your local dealership or auto parts store. They should bea able to perform a simple Battery load test to determine if your battery is up to par. If the battery is OK, the starter may be faulty.