My car won't start but it beeps 6 times on 1997 Acura TL

I need help please. My dad stopped at a gas station to put gas in the car.When he tried to open the door, the doors were locked and the alarm went off( has never worked before)then the car wouln't start. We towed the car and when we tried to start it this morning we hear it the beep go off 6 times but it won't start. Help please and Thank you

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kind of late, but my honda civic 01 was beeping 6 times and wouldn't start. I could hear a single click as I tried to start it.

I disconnected the negative terminal from the battery for half a minute. After that I reconnected it and the car started. Disconnecting the battery will drop the ecm codes, and let the computer reset. Still dont' know what caused it, nor if this is a sign of a bigger problem.