My car won't start and the check engine light flashes on and off 10 times. on 2005 Chrysler Pacifica

Also the battery continues to die. I smelled a bad odor like wires burning, but the car would still turn on untill recently. When I jump start the car the lights and radio turn on but when I urn the engine on it just makes a schreeching sound and the check engine light flashes and stays on. What could it be. The car is a 2005 chrysler pacifica touring 3.5L AWD.

Change the fuse!!
NO.... If it won't start, as the posted question says, then it can't be misfiring!!!! ... Starter... Battery issue.
Just the fuse bro!!! My car works right now !!
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scan codes and post so we can adv,poss misfire causing light to flash
"Schreeching sound" when cranking and wont start, is the engine oil level ok? If so then possible starter problem.