my car won't start on 2006 Ford Focus

my 2006 ford focus zx4 does not want to start. yesterday my daughter stuck a cd and got it stuck, we took it out but the cd player kept making noise and the car wouldn't crank so I took the fuse out and had my car boosted it cranked but then I let it set a while then went to see if it would crank but it wouldn't.

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A CD player constantly trying to load a CD could run down a battery over a period off time. You disconnected a fuse to prevent the battery draw (maximum parasitic draw key off all loads off should be .02 to .03 Amps).
I wonder if the fuse you pulled out controls other cercuits needed for the engine to run or if another fuse needs to be removed to prevent battery draw. Which fuse was removed I can look at a fuse to determine if that fuse is needed to operate other "vital" circuits. Have the battery charged and tested perhaps it is weak.