My car won't move on 2004 Ford Taurus

I am hoping it is not the transmission, could it be the PCM? No, I have not had any transmission oil leakage and the level is good. I've not had any signs of trouble either.

by in Arlington, TX on July 05, 2009
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ANSWER by on July 05, 2009
Check the transmission oil level, if the linkage/cables to an automatic transmission are connected/adjusted OK not damaged or disconnected and the transmission doesn't make the car move when the engine is reved up it is most likely to be internal transmission trouble. Had the transmission shown any signs of trouble previous, or experienced fluid loss?
COMMENT by on July 06, 2009
Transmission oil level is good, never saw any fluid loss, and I never had any signs of warning that the transmission would go out; I've had transmission go out before on a different car that was not a front wheel drive. When I shift from park to reverse, drive, it moves underneath the hood but does not engage.
COMMENT by on July 06, 2009
Unfortunately sounds like transmission is bad. I hope its not, please let us know if it turns out to be something less.
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