my car will start for 5 sec then goes dead on 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

has new fuel pump, maf senser,has pressure, and its not the fuel pump resistor.

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There is a part inside your passenger side quarter pannel behind the headlight its square in shape its about $53.00 to replace not to sure what its called, had the same issue with mine, spend $900.00 for a part that ended up being $53.00
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Just a guess if you have another ignition key try that key you may have a "security issue". I have seen a blocked cat converter do this too but you would have noticed a loss of power recently.A professional grade scan tool with advanced Pontiac/ GM capabilities would save a lot of time by looking at a lot of sensor values without having to look at each sensor individually.
tried it and still samething
it sounds like the fuel safety shut off when in a front end wreck its made to brake and kill the fuel its on the passenger side upper frame rail it has 1 wire going in and one going out try putting a jumper wire between them if that works then replace that part