my car will start cold but after quick trip wont restart-wont crank on 2000 Buick LeSabre

dashboard lights turn on-new battery-always starts up cold;after running will not restart

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When you say 'it won't crank' does it click at all? if it does 'click' do the dash lights dim , or go completely dark until you let go of the key?
No,it would not even click. Put new starter in,worked for about 3 weeks,now it cranks but will not start when it gets hot,it will even stall while driving. Sometimes tachometer does'nt work.
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My car used to do this and it turned out to be the main relay that needed to be replaced. In the summer the heat would cause the relay to stop working and I would get stuck until the car cooled down.
that sounds like Honda....but unless I mis-interpreted it , they say 'won't crank' and you know that's not the main relay. Sorry I'm an idiot..