My car will start and run but after a few miles mostly while going up or downhil on 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

The engine will shut off like its out of fuel checked fuel pressure its right on the money after replacing fuel filter after sitting for 15 mins car starts and runs fine for a bit any ideas? And it has a full tank of gas

Most likely crank sensor.... Pain to even see it, much less change it! Better have some testing done!... Woods Auto Service maybe.
So dont think its a fuel flow problem? Just asking cause i had a honda accord similar issues that ended up being a fuel pump relay
Anything is possible but you stated pressure is good so I figure that's not your trouble!..... Next time it stalls... Check for ignition spark!! Let me know if you need to know how....
Thanks for your help will do
IF no spark... Suspect crank sensor!