My car will not staying running after first staring, what is the problem? on 1992 Honda Accord

it does crank, power is working, fuel pump and filter are good, could it be the injectors? or something else?

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Do u have antitheft?ur injectors would not all go bad at was the vehicle running prior to this?not sure if that make is still obd1but if it is check a manual on hpw to do the jumpwire to get ur codes if there are any.and do u have gas in the car?lol
there is no anti theft and I have a half take of gas. my car was running great just the night before. I my way into work I did notice my gauges just drop off to zero a couple times. I thought it be the alternator not charging my battery. next morning I tried starting my car everything seemed normal until I released my key and it wouldn't stay idling. maybe spark plugs? I changed the alternator, I checked the fuel pump and everything is good there