my car will not start even after replacing all major ignition components. on 1995 Honda Civic

i was putting in interior lighting and i spliced it to the rear lights (the lights that go on when headlights are on). I broke a fuse and i thought i would just turn on the lights just to see what would happen without the fuse (stupid). now my car will not start. i believe it is a wiring issue and i was just wondering if you guys knew if i should completely rewire it or just try and track down the problem. i have already replaced the distributor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel pump and fuel filter. i hear no fuel pump when i put the key in and i also dont have any spark. it only has like 130000 miles on it so i refuse to junk my baby.

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Was the car running before you spliced the wires ? As Wetry said , interior lighting circuit has nothing to do with engine not starting. Unless while you were in working around fuse box , you knocked something loose in the ignition circuit....Do you have a volt-ohmmeter?
Unhook all that stuff and check ALL fuses! (ALL FUSES.)
already taken all that out. all fuses are good...
I dont see any connection, other than a blown fuse, to what you stated that would cause the cat not to run! IF you just blew a tail light fuse there is no connection to the no start. What else you got?