My car was sputtering and cut off on me yesterday while driving. on 2000 Honda Accord

Yesterday,my 2000 Honda accord ex 4cylinder, began to sputter and jerk before it cut off. I had felt very slight jerking or hesitation a couple of days prior while driving, but it didn't last and the car continued to run. Yesterday, after the car cut off and some smoke came from under the hood , but the temperature gauage did not show the engine had run hot it remained in the normal range.The car would not start at first, I waited about 45 min and tried to start it and it started but would continue sputtering and cut off. I could get it to run if I pressed on the gas pedal but when I would come off the pedal it would sputter and would eventually cut off again. I didn't try to start it again, I had it towed to a repair shop for evaluation. What could be the problem(s) and the possible solutions? Oh, the car has over 200,000 mostly highway miles.

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Sounds like a possible fuel supply or spark supply issue. You'll need to check the vehicle when the problem occurs for best reults.