my car was just inspected after it was fixed but now check engine light is back on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

the light was on for aa while before it was fixed. how do I get the light to go out and stay off until there is a problem.

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If the light came back on, it's not fixed!! Do you remember the codes!
it is fixed or it. would not have had passed. can thee code be burnt in the memory? the code is p0446
May HAVE BEEN fixed! If the light was reset after whatever was done, then came back on there is still a problem in the EVAP system, ie code PO446. Needs more testing! Codes are not "burnt in the memory"!
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Disconnect negative battery terminal for 10 minutes then re connect and hope it works. The computer will take some time to re learn, initial start up and idle will most likely be rough but it will level out on its own. what kind of work needed to be done? I had a motor swap and the computer remembers all codes from the old motor, so now im working to figure out if its old codes or the same problems with the new motor.