my car was fine next time i started it it has a loud noise on 2007 Suzuki SX4

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tire was removed the day before for inspection and they jacked it up from the rear and front insted of using the jack mounts on each side of the car so when i put it in gear to drive its real loud quients down at higher speed starts again at lower
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almost like the muffler is gone but theres a bad vibration that feels like its under the console
Just had my tires changed, same thing. They jacked it up from the center. When I drove away I immediately noticed the noise in the front end. First I thought it was just new treads on the tires, but after checking it out a bit the noise happens even when the car is in gear and I give it gas with the brakes on. Did you figure anything out with yours?
Sounds lick that might have pushed the exhasut up and it now touching the body of the car causing ur noise and vibration