my car starts every time then dies ..EPC LIGHT IS ON on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

it start every time like normal then sputters n dies epc light is now on fuel pump is dumb founded ..starts right up then dies if u hit gas it dies faster PLEASE. HELP

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It needs to be scanned to isolate the issue. The fault will turn on the Electronic Power Control light in the instrument cluster. Several different codes will cause this. Have it scanned to see which direction to go.
i cant get it to shop as it WILL not stay runninG AND i cannot afford to tow it..this car is something new every week ...i have replaced catilytic converter flang in cooling line new power stearing pump and new distrubtor cap thing n now this week it the epc light was hoping someone could give me some ideas to try
Without the codes I don't know for sure. it effects the ECM.
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