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2003 Jaguar X-Type Question: My car started overheating.my water tank and hoses were replaced

I recently got my car repaired from a jaguar pro , I thought he was good at what he did... He said that my overheating problem was because of the water tank leak, and he suggested I replace it , along with that he replaced my upper radiator hose and the thermostat... Now after 2 weeks of driving suddenly day before , the thermostat showed that my car is overheating... It went all the way up to red mark, since I didn't know much about the car I was hesitant to put coolant in it... Finally I got it towed , the guy who came said I didn't have enough antifreeze in it ... ? Does it mean there is a leak somewhere? or did the guy who repaired did not put enough antifreeze? When the guy put about 2 gals of antifreeze , it all went to the radiator, we also put water since it was very late at night... myc ar seems to be ok now ? What is the next best step to take? Should I take my car back to same mechanic who claimed to have solved the problem? Any help is very much appreciated Best Regards Deno -
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