My car stalls whenever I slow down to stop or turn--Engine light is always on on 2002 Dodge Stratus

OBD II code reader says I have an EVAP vacume leak (major and minor), and a MAP sensor problem. Also says one cylinder is running lean. I changed the MAP sensor but no change. This problem only happens when engine is warm. Idle is also erratic

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First of all, did you reset the computer after you replaced the MAP sensor? I recommend cleaning the throttle body and EGR with throttle body cleaner and spray the internal vacuum lines as lots of carbon can build up there(carburetor cleaner works well too). Good luck. Keep us posted.
get fuel pressure test.check fuel pump maybe failing, check fuel pressure regulator for leak and the gas cap.
You may need to get a 'smoke test' done at a shop. This test will locate the Evap sys. leaks so they can be repaired. Usual cause is a separated or worn out hose in the system. Does the code say which cylinder? May be just a dirty injector that needs cleaned out.
I suspect you have a vacuum leak. With a MAP sensor code , lean codes and EVAP large leak. Check all the vacuum hoses, you can spray with a bottle of water and if there is a leak the idle will change.