My car stalls, and no mechanics has been able to solve the problem! on 1994 Toyota Camry

Intermittently, the car stalls while idling or at start up. The car will turn over, but typically will start again only after I have put in neutral, then rock the vehicle a few inches! This usually happens after driving a short time, shopping for a brief time, then getting back in the car. One time it died while I was driving and I had to have towed. However, this was before I realized the "trick" about "rocking the baby".

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Thanks for responding. In my quest to find the problem when searching the web, I did read about the idle air control and thought that might possibly be the problem.
try cleaning throttle body and see if that helps
Thanks for your input. I'll put that on my list of things to check.
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IF all else fails , maybe pull fuel pump and inspect connections and pick-up screen? Does the symptom occur at any fuel level??
Yes, the problem occurs at all fuel levels, but I did wonder about the fuel pump.
check for fuel and spark when car wont start could be a bad distributor
Thank you for replying. However, a mechanic did suspect it was the distributor, but discovered that it was not the problem.