My car stalls, and no mechanics has been able to solve the problem! on 1994 Toyota Camry

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Intermittently, the car stalls while idling or at start up. The car will turn over, but typically will start again only after I have put in neutral, then rock the vehicle a few inches! This usually happens after driving a short time, shopping for a brief time, then getting back in the car. One time it died while I was driving and I had to have towed. However, this was before I realized the "trick" about "rocking the baby".
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Thanks for responding. In my quest to find the problem when searching the web, I did read about the idle air control and thought that might possibly be the problem.
IF all else fails , maybe pull fuel pump and inspect connections and pick-up screen? Does the symptom occur at any fuel level??
Thank you for replying. However, a mechanic did suspect it was the distributor, but discovered that it was not the problem.
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