My car stalled and wouldn't start. on 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The fuel pump works. Oil light is on and check engine light is on.

agree with jeff but what are the codes?
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Sorry to hear your problem, but I hope this helps.
> If it wont crank over at all, I would check you starter solenoid.
1) If there is power at the starter with the key held on to the start position, then the solenoid is probably bad.
2) If there is no power to the starter, then check for power at your neutral safety switch, if it is OK, you must follow the circuit further until the problem is found.
> If your motor cranks but wont start, check for fuel pressure. Even though the pump may be running the pressure could be low.
1) If pressure is low check your fuel filter and replace if needed.
2) If the filter is OK, the fuel pump may need to be replaced.
> If the motor is cranking and the fuel pressure is good, you'll have to check for spark at the spark plugs.

If all the above is OK then you may have an internal problem in your motor.
Again, I hope this helps, Jeff
so true thats what just happened to me. new part cost $20.00 and now it drives better
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