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1992 Toyota Camry Question: my car sounds like a truck!

recently, i hit or ran over something in the night which caused a very loud bang! the next day my car statred soundindg like a very loud truck when i turn it on and when i hit the gas! when i took it to a garage for diagnostics they said something about the front end of the exhaust and after an oil change they said there was also a leak somewhere! i think this is all coming from the same problem when i hit something because i did not have a leak before. i also have not seen anything hanging from underneath the car either. they also said that the muffler was still in tact. i have also been told by other sources that this sounds like i need a flex converter???....pls help!!! -
Answer 1
It sounds like you indeed have an exhaust leak. This should be an easy problem to determine by looking under the vehicle. Take it to a shop, and have them put the car on a hoist and have them show you the damage from the accident. It should be fairly obvious where the damage is and what needs to be repaired of replaced. -
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