My car shuts of while im driving on the freeway or while my waiting at the stop light on 1991 Infiniti G20

Ive gotten a tune up, and down im told that it might be the distributor. there are not lights on the dash board, when it stops it turns right back on and i can drive but it will turn off after 20 mins or sometimes less

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I would really look at the Crank Shaft Sensor inside the distributor. Typically an Ignition Module failure will keep the car dead for about 10-15 minutes. Where as a Crank Sensor dying problem will allow the car to start right back up.
Can you check for spark when it dies? Do you have enough skill to do that? How about injector pulse? If you lose Injector pulse for a short time and then it comes right back, then typically it is a Crank Sensor problem.
Thanks!! Im taking it to the shop on Friday hopfully it makes it for the next couple of days. No I dont have skills like thta to chk for sparks with it dies i wouldnt know how to start to do that. I think i understand the injector pulse that you are referring too, while im driving its slows down like its will shut of then it doesnt and then continues driving
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who diaged it??? tune up wont cause stalling.
possible distributor but expensive guess. get a real diag from a real shop.

yea after i didnt the tune up and it was still stalling i kinda figure that out. glad a friend did it for me