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2010 Dodge Journey Question: my car shut off while driving

I bought a 2010 dodge journey back in June 2010, right off the show room with only 17 miles. My questions is has anyone experienced their car shutting off while driving? I noticed that as I was slowing down my car was off, but headlights were on, and the dashboard was still lit... Took it to dodge they are telling me there is nothing wrong. This has happened twice and I'm afraid to drive my car... -
Answer 1
Yes this happened to me this past Sunday. I had to have it towed in to the dealer to be fixed. They replaced the fuel pump and aux pump. To make a long story short. I got the car back at 4:30 and it was broke down on the highway this evening! (same day) Same problem! Im smelling lemons! -
Answer 2
what can we do is this mean that the deal get off by sell car like that -
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