My car shakes really bad while driving, more weight makes it worse. on 2001 Chevrolet Impala

Both wheel bearings have been replaced but it made no change. It feels like your driving on flat tires. Steering wheel shakes when driving. It also wants to cut out when you make a curve to left. What is going on with my car? Is it expensive to fix?

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Agree with#1. Probable broken cv axle joint. Steering wheel shakes and you will usually a grinding and "marble rattling noise".
Thank you for the input. Its a 2001 impala ls and when I put in CV joint all it pulls up is axel/half shaft. Could this be the cause? I don't know much about mechanics
that is exactly the part in question. :) you do need to discover driver side or passenger side.
It is the passenger side. And thank you so much for the info :)
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Could be a worn inner c/v axle joint....but do not count on my guess. I reccommend you have someone exsperenced in drivetrain, suspension and steering check your car for you.
Thanks for the response, at least I might know what to inquire about now.