My car screeches badly from the powersteering belt pulley area on 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

All belts are in good shape but my steering is hard to turn an the sound is terrible, a person told me my power steer. Pump needs to be replaced, is that it? Happens every day and gets worse through out the day

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Check your fluid level first. Could be a problem with the pump and/or the rack & pinion as well. If the fluid is real dirty, have it checked.
For cost measures, if it is the pump or rack/pinions can I fix it myself? If it is dirty what does that mean? Even when I am not turning it sometines does it or while idle sometimes as I accelerate till a speed it will stop then till I turn again, sound is like high screech does kinda sound like a bearing or somethin
If the fluid looks like dark or burned oil, the fluid is no good and allows wear on components. Same principal as letting your engine oil go to long, and you're taught to not let that happen! As far as doing it yourself, I don't know your abilities, can tell you have not the knowledge. Would be better to have someone who knows how to do it tackle the job and see if they will let you watch or help. You need knowledge of what to do and what not to do, or could cost you.
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Mine was doing the same thing and I replaced the pump 4 times and nothing worked. My bearing in my water pump turned out to be the problem and because it was bad it was causing my alternator to fail In return not making the power steering pump work correctly. try listening to your pulleys with a LNG screw driver well someone else turns the wheel causing it to squeal. Also pull belts and make sure up
Let's are clean.
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