1991 Ford Thunderbird Q&A

1991 Ford Thunderbird Question: My car runs hot

my car runs hot even after i took the theromastat out. I put a new water pump on and a new thermostat.What could be the problem now head or stoped up? -
Answer 1
I will send you an article to the email address you sent this question from that may help that is not yet published on our website. -
Answer 2
Hey bro i have the same problem with my 95 t-bird and its probably the Timing Chain gasket i have to replace it on mine and I am doing it myself so its fairly easy if you have access to the right tools -
Answer 3
you must have a problem and the only way it can easliy be fixed is a new car -
Answer 4
do not have an answer -
Answer 5
i know just about everything when it come to the tbird, u need to check your fan clutch i had to replace mine at least 2 times a year so i ended up converting my coolant system by taking off the fan clutch an putting the 97 tbird set up with the electric fan -
Answer 6
you might need a radiator flush -
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