2004 Chevrolet Venture Q&A

2004 Chevrolet Venture Question: My car rolls without my foot on the gas. And pedal feels like its sticking.

My van practically jumped into motion when I turned it on. It will roll in motion without my foot on the pedal and the pedal feels like it is sticking as if I am riding on cruise control. It idled a little high when placed in park. What could be the issue? -
Answer 1
Check for a vacuum leak. -
Answer 2
poss dirty throttle body and throttle plate is sticking. try a can of seaform cleaner and run it thru the throttle body -
Answer 3
Some other possible causes: Factory - drivers floor mat installed correctly and no aftermarket mat or overlay? Foreign object in drivers floor pan? Positive you didn't push the accel. pedal? Does it do this every time? If it is a mechanical problem or a vacuum leak it should happen quite often! Check engine light on? -