2001 Infiniti I30 Q&A

2001 Infiniti I30 Question: My car refuse to start

My car will not start until after several attempt. Sometime it will start as soon as I turn on the ignition sometimes it won't. When it runs for let say 10 minutes and I turn off the ignition and I try to start it again it won't start until several attempts. Can you please enlightened me on this issue. -
Answer 1
Really need to scan the computer systems on your Infiniti. I just replaced the Cam Sensors on an Infiniti with similar symptoms. There was a Service Engine Light on with trouble codes for the Cam Sensors. I replaced both Cam Sensors, now the car always starts in a snap -
Comment 1
Wow, I forgot to mention service engine light part and it is on. Dandd you are a real master, you nailed it. Do you know how much it will cost me to change both Cam Sensors? -
Answer 2
my car sometimes as soon as i turn it on sometimes it takes several attempt vlclawn@yahoo.com -