2004 Honda Accord Q&A

2004 Honda Accord Question: my car ran low in oil and cut off now it will not start. I put 4 qts of oil

but it still will not turn over. do I need to reset the system someway. -
Answer 1
Is the starter working???.... OR.... It's like the battery's dead and just clicks??? -
Comment 1
like the battery is dead and just whinning -
Comment 2
That's what I was afraid of!! ... It seems that the engine has locked up due to internal damage from low oil level... Have someone with a little car savvy check it out for you... I hope I'm wrong..... Good luck with it!!! -
Comment 3
The engine check instrument said the rocker arm actovator has problems due to low oil pressure -
Comment 4
Yep, I bet it does!!!!.. Have someone try to turn the engine with a socket and ratchet on the crankshaft pulley bolt to see if it will even turn!!! Again... Good luck! -