My car ran fine and the next A.M. it didn't. When I turn key it growls and quite on 1997 Buick Park Avenue

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I put the charger on the battery will say fully charged. But then when I try to start it all I get is a growl. Tried to jump start no luck. Could it be the battery, alternator, starter, or sensor, or where do I look. It was running fine with no problems. The battery is about 4-5 years old.
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most likely battery issues or alt load test battery 1st and see if its any good. how old is battery
June 2008 was when it was bought. How do I do a load test?
Take to a parts store amd they will load test it for you.
OK, Thanks for the information. I think I will start with the battery and hope that it will take care of the problem first and then if that doesn't work than I will have to figure out something else as the car is in the garage and won't start. But thanks again for your help. You have no idea how much help you were (with my husband)...
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