2002 Ford Explorer Q&A

2002 Ford Explorer Question: my car petrol consumption is very high (around 5km/liter) and this is unusual.

normally the consumption is about 7km/l. somebody told that the problem from fuel distribution switch it was leaking. Can anybody give clear and correct information? thanks. -
Answer 1
Look at http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/findacar.htm to see what the gas mileage is expected to be. So many things could cause bad gas mileage, restricted air filter, low tire pressures, even the make of tire can affect gas mileage. A bad thermostat, temperature switch can also affect gas mileage. I would like to look at live sensor data on a professional grade scan tool to see what the fuel trim values are, and O2 sensors are reading and air flow meter readings are. -