my car overheated and now will not start on 1996 Ford Contour

it started yesterday morning. when i went to class, on my way my car just died when slowing down, then when i would put it in drive it would keep dying, so after about 2 hours,when i got off class, i went to start it and it did fine. on my way home which is maybe 4 miles from the school as i was pulling in the drive my car temp gage went up and then the car died and had steam coming out so i lifted the hood to let it cool off better. i waited about 4 hours. i went to work which is about 30 mile away and then it was fine. after i worked 8 hours i went to drive home and i was about 4 mile h0ome when my car just up and died. and was rollign with steam. now when i try to start it it acts like it wants to start but can not like its not getting gas.

by in Agency, IA on December 04, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 04, 2010
Repeated over heating is a great way to destroy your engine and have may accomplished just that.
COMMENT by on December 04, 2010
but this was only the second time my car has ever overheated
COMMENT by on December 04, 2010
Unfortunately, that is all it takes with some engines. Have towed to repair shop and diagnosed.
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