1998 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

1998 Lincoln Town Car Question: MY car only goes 30 mph,and that's pedal to the metal. Any ideas?

The problem occurred four weeks ago. I drive it around the neighborhood from time to time, just so i can keep the car moving. -
Answer 1
Driving this car will cause damage. I'm assuming you do not have the funds to get it checked out by a PAT. -
Comment 1
what's up man, I took it to one mechanic already and he said i need a tranny. I have the funds,I just wanted to make sure that's the problem and not get ripped off. -
Comment 2
if it only goes 30 mph, should set a code if a running problem. did they check codes? -
Comment 3
No they did not check for code, I plan on going back up there this weekend and have him do that for me. Thanks MrFordman -
Comment 4
Understand that the codes you need may not be in the "Generic OBDII" codes. Again you need a PAT. -
Comment 5
I Got it fixed, turns out it was the MAF, thanks for the support. -