My car makes a rattling sound when I turn and when I go over bumps. What is that? on 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

My car makes a rattling sound when I turn and when I go over bumps. It souns like it's coming from one of the front wheels. The car drives normally otherwise. What is this rattling sound? Will this be expensive to fix?

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I recently had this problem with my 2000 Ford Mustang. Rattled when I turned corners and went over bumps. Took it to a local mechanic, turns out it was the muffler. The strap broke. I was a little annoyed when it was $20 to fix (they took a metal band and fastened it around the muffler to the car - i could have done that myself) but i was grateful it wasn't anything major and was in and out in 5 minutes.
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you might want to check the ball joints trust me is a big deal .....and also the axle trust me is not worth ur wheel flying off like mine
Rattling noises from the suspension area can be a bit difficult to diagnose. A complete inspection of the front suspension and struts will be necessary to correctly diagnose the noise. It may be possible to bounce the front suspension and hear the noise. If that is the case you can look around while a helper bounces the vehicle and see if you can pinpoint the noise. There is now way to provide a cost estimate with out knowing what the problem is.