my car makes a loud whirling noise when driving, if i press the breaks it stops on 2005 Honda CR-V

when it first started i would have to be driving at least 20 minutes before it would start making the noise, now it starts almost immediatley, it seems to coralate with the rotation of the tires

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Can you come up with a different descriptive word besides 'whirling'? At what speed does the noise start? How long since your last brake inspection (Wheels-off). The inboard brake pads on those wear faster than the outboard pads and are also the ones with the wear indicator or squealer-sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard (if your old enough to remember chalkboards).If at first it made the noise when you stepped on the brakes and then it changed to that it would go away when you brake , as you say it does now , then I think brakes are most likely.If the rotors are original and the pads do need replaced ,I would strongly recommend Honda parts. I've replaced many sets of aftermarket pads for noise issues.
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If its got a brake booster I would possibly say that there could be a hole in the boot making a swishing kinda noise