my car leaks oil on 1998 Dodge Caravan

Continually leaks oil while parked

Asked by for the 1998 Dodge Caravan
Look underneath and tell me where> Could be valve covers that leak when driven then the oil drips don the block until it falls to the ground. It might be a bad drain plug. One out of every 10 cars needs a new one. Regardless the oil is getting on rubber hoses and suspension which destroys these components in a matter months. Bring it in if you can't find the leak and we'll clean up the area and watch it or just add some dye and check it in few days to find out where it's coming from. Happy Holidays.
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This can be from many places, you'll need to find the leak or have a shop do it for you to know what needs to be fixed. If you need help, call one of these shops in your area:
If the oil light comes on, stop driving the vehicle, you don't want to ruin the engine.