My car Kia Spectra 2001 with Autom Transm. Can I change the AT for one 2004? on 2001 Kia Spectra

I found one used automatic transmition from a Kia Spectra 2004

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you have a used why install another used.never had any luck doing this for cust there is ALWAYS ISSUES
I live in Honduras, Central America. Here is not easy to find parts and technitians who know how to fix automatic transmitions. My problem is that the reverse does not work. I always have to push the car when I need to go back. One technitian tell me to change the sensors inside the body valve. He wants to sell this sensors in US$ 300 plus labor and the cost of the hole KIA Automatic Transmition 2004 I found is US$ 400 plus labor. That KIA 2004 had a bad accident in the back but the front is perfect so they sell the car in parts.
iknow how they sell used parts,if thats your only choice good luck
Thank you very much. But how can I find out if the year Automatic Transmition of the Kia Spaectra2004 is the same for KIA Spectra 2001. Both are Kia Spectra. I would really thank for your answer.
the wrecking yard will know as stated above
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Try calling a wrecking yard, they would have that information at hand.