My car keeps stalling when slowing down or coming to a complete stop???????????? on 1994 Buick LeSabre

This car was idoling high, I fixed that problem in the beggining it was idoling high and stalling, when coming to a complete stop or slowing down. So now the idoling problem is fixed but every time I come to a stop sign or red light it keeps cutting off on me.... I dont know what to do someone help????

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Next time you get ready to stop and just before you stop, shift into neutral to see if it still stalls. Post those results for more info. Possible (trans) torque converter lockup solenoid problem!
Yes the car still stalls when it gets ready to stall I put it in neutral and it still cuts off
After reading your other posted questions and the answers you have gotten, you need a MECHANIC to check this out for you! Enough said!! Enough money wasted on parts instead of diagnosis!!!!
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What did you do to fix the high idle problem.
I replaced all the vacuum hoses because there was a vacuum leak somewhere but couldnt find it easy fix 30 cent a hose............ now the car will stall and the check engine light keeps coming on and off can put a reader on it because it keeps saying connection failed, and that happened at 3 different shops with the reader you plug into under the dash
Obviously the computer needs to be checked or tested to see why it won't read. Sometimes it is a idle control, or throttle position sensor, but with the computer doing as it does, to be sure it needs to go to a shop that can test it without just plugging it and not verifying the fault.
yes the throttle control sensor has been replaced mass air flow sensor alternator battery unfortunatly i do not have the funds for a shop
Was the IAC chanced with the throttle control.
I'm sorry IAC? what is that
What are you calling the throttle control. I am talking idle air control motor. Which engine do you have 3.1L.
v6 yes 3.1 I meant the TPS
The computer is not responding and needs to be diagnosed or anything you do won't help until the computer can compensate for the idle and stalling.
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