my car keeps stalling. Somedays it will start and somedays it won't. on 1993 Honda Prelude

I changed altenator, new battery,oil changed, tune up. It sometimes has an up and down idle. When I get it to start it stalls whenever I have to stop.

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The twin side draft carburetor cars are almost cost prohibitive to diagnose problems with if the carbs need to be removed to repair. If fuel injected check the coolant level if it is OK find a good Honda experienced repair shop in your area that have experience in older Hondas. They will check grounds, the coolant temp sensor, intake manifold for vacuum leaks from the gasket and the idle control items on the throttle housing. Not a complex car if its fuel injected but find someone that used to work on these a lot they will be used to fixing this problem.
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is this the one with the 2 sidedraft carbs or fuel injection??